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Jet6 Shark Vane 4.00" (Purple)

Jet6 Shark Vane 4.00" (Purple)

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Jet6 Vanes (Shark)


Jet6" Aerodynamic Design

The Jet6 Shark Vane brings the renowned Jet6 aerodynamic design to larger vanes suitable for indoor target shooting.


Proprietary Air Channels

Designed with the same proprietary Jet6 air channels as the original Jet6 spin vanes, ensuring exceptional performance.


Lower Profile, Enhanced Surface Area

The Shark Vanes' mounting style results in a lower overall profile while offering equal or improved air surface area compared to a standard 4.00" vane.


Improved Clearance and Stability

The Shark Vanes are longer and have a less curved profile than the original Jet6, providing better clearance for arrow rests and enhanced stability for larger arrows.


Complete Fletching Kit

Each pack includes 50pcs of Jet6 Shark Vanes and comes with fletching tape and measuring wrapping tape for the vane ends.


9 Available Colors

The Jet6 Shark Vanes are available in 9 vibrant colors, allowing you to match them with Jet6 Spin Vanes and Arm Guard for a coordinated look.


Superior Aerodynamics

Enjoy the advantages of engineered vanes with superior aerodynamics, enhancing your shooting precision.

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