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Jet6 Spin Vane (White)

Jet6 Spin Vane (White)

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Jet6 Vanes (Spin)


Enhanced Aerodynamics

The Jet6 arrow fletching is meticulously designed with a focus on aerodynamics, ensuring optimal flight performance and accuracy.

Unmatched Stability

Control the flow field around the vane using the innovative design with 6 air passages, delivering unparalleled stability and minimizing arrow deviations.

Superior Convergence Technology

Stand out from the competition with the unique feature of 3 additional air passages, which create an inward flow, leading to enhanced vortex convergence and improved arrow trajectory.

Archer's Paradox Resolved

Experience reduced traction force and a stable arrow landing point, quickly resolving the archer's paradox for consistent and reliable shooting results.

Trusted by Champions

Join top athletes representing multiple countries, including Mexico, Korea, Spain, Turkey, Italy, and more, who have achieved remarkable successes in prestigious events like the Olympics and World Cup with Jet6 arrow fletchings. From bronze to gold medals, Jet6 vanes has been the preferred choice of champions worldwide.

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